Kri' kalla Tournament - Compete for riches!

It is time for the Annual Kri’ kalla Tournament!

Come Test your Metal, Skill, and Magic!

Purse: 500 gold per contestant per battle fought (win or lose)

Individual Elimination Tournament:
1st: 5000 gold
2nd: 2000 gold
3rd: 1000 gold

Group Elimination Tournament: (Party Size of 3 – 6)
Grand Prize: 50000 gold.

No payment given for loss of life, limbs or levels,
Contestants trapped in maze spells or other dimensions, will also not receive payment if they do not return within 7 days of the tournaments start.

Barbarians are asked to not rape their opponents after victory, keep the show rated to bloodshed and maiming that the whole family can enjoy.

Kri' kalla Tournament - Compete for riches!

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