Dungeon Crawl!

Down with the Orc King!

level 4

Bean bites the dust, and has to use his share to get resurrected!

The party kills the orcs and orc king nabbing a tidy sum of loot.

Now they have to manage to haul it all back with next to no hp, and only a few potions to sustain them… luckily the dwarf kingdom is nearby and they have wagons and stuff.

MVP Results!
Carl: 1
Tyler: 0
Eirc: 4
Kurt: 2
Rag: 0

MEP Results!
Carl: 4
Tyler: 0
Eirc: 1
Kurt: 0
Rag: 0

Grats on Lvl 4. Players who did not attend can advance their WBL to that of a 4th level character, while those who took part have a good surplus of loot.


Taloswind Taloswind

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