Creation Rules

Lvl 1

20 Point Buy: no stat > 16 or < 8 before racial mods
Core Classes + Alchemist, Cavalier, Inquisitor, Magus, Oracle, Witch. Samurai.
No Archetypes.
But mom!
NO! I’m too lazy to look at them all and they don’t really add that much to a concept.

Max Hp, every level
Core Races (no alternate racial traits)
Alignment, Any
Spells/Feats from the CRB/APG
Two traits, one must be a campaign trait from this Wiki
250 Gold

Any Gear on the SRD, as long as they follow the house rules.

The Curse of Three.

Sometime in your travels, you were beseeched by an old travelling gypsy who you wronged in some way, either by ignoring her request, sleeping with her daughter. ignoring her request to sleep with her daughter, or something equally humours. Either way she cursed you.

Now should anyone request something of you three times, in any given time, you are compelled to do so. Despite your own feelings towards the task you know resisting this curse always ends up far worse for you, and you end up doing what was asked anyway, even if indirectly.

Your inquires about removing said curse have always fallen short, and since you have decided it best to keep the knowledge of it a secrete, should knowledge of its hold on you get out, you would be powerless against it. A living slave.

This curse cannot be used against other players, and attempts to do so will cause you great misfortune (-5 to all checks for the entire session) In general this is a simple means of plot hooking the pc’s into various prepared adventures, while adding a bit of comedy into the game.

Creation Rules

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