Campaign Traits

Night Sighted.
As a child you were locked underneath the stairs often for misbehaving, as such you have grown accustomed to the dark. When in complete darkness you have Darkvision 10ft (what the area under there was not that big so your eyes haven’t adjusted to anything further)

Target of Misfortune
As a kid you were often bullied and picked on, practical jokes were generally targeted at you and as such you have a certain knack of avoiding some of their ill effects. When target of a trap’s effect you can re-roll a failed save to potentially avoid half of the intended effect.

Divine Favourite
Sometimes it seems others are more blessed in life, well in this case it seems to be true. when ever you go to a temple to get healed, or resurrected, the cost for you is 1/2 the normal price.

Drunken Swagger
When you are drunk, and I mean really drunk, you get a +5 Bonus on all checks, Attack rolls, and saves. The problem is every check you do you gives a cumulative 5% chance of passing out for 2d4 hours!
Really drunk constitutes as (1 Drink + 2* Con Mod) if you drink over this amount you pass-out as well

Tactfully Incompetent.
When making an attack or skill check you can accidentally take a -5 mod to the check to later gain a +5 mod to the same check, or attack roll. (this only works when attempting the exact same roll again. Like if you attack Kobold A at -5, miss, then you could attack next turn at a +5, should you attack Kobald B, your bonus is lost)

Friendly Fire Master
When dealing AoE damage, if you “accidentally” hit your own party members, you can increase the damage dealt by 25% to all victims. NPC’s do not count as party members for this Trait.

Campaign Traits

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