Terra Black



Welcome to the Horse’s Arse…
What can I get cha?

Oh you want to talk to me do ya? Listen if your with the guard I don’t know how those items got into my posses…

Oh adventurers! How quaint, You may call me Terra. I see your gearing up to head out, maybe you require my services?

What? No I’m not offering to sleep with you! I meant with the job, I got a keen eye and can disable the most cunning of traps. Of course, only for an equal share of the bounty.

Not good enough for you? well I’m a good shot with a crossbow as well, and can talk, or sneak my way past most guards.


Terra often finds herself in trouble with the law, and as such has developed a repertoire of skills to help keep her self out of prison. She is charming, and when she is unable to fall on her charm, she uses her skill and wit to outsmart and play her opponents. Working part time at the Horse’s Arse, she gathers information from her customers to sell to willing adventurers who pass by. Should a job seem too profitable she will instead act as a broker, hand picking a group to set out and collect her prize. in rare cases she has been known to accompany the party to make sure its is done “right” and collect a larger share.

Terra Black

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