Stefen grew up underground list most dwarves. Although his father was a cleric of Torag, Stefen grew up admiring another god, Gorum. Stefen was a lot more enthralled by the destructive warmongering Gorum than he was with the blacksmith deity.

He spent most of his life studying Gorum and trying to convince people to see his way. But Stefen had a temper and when people disagreed with him or worst, tried to get Stefen to renounce Gorum, The dwarf lost it and flew into a rage that often ended up with Stefen’s adversary knocked out. Or worst.

It got worst one day when Stefen’s father tried, once again, to convince his son to see the right way and to convert. Stefen got angry and in his rage, killed his father. He had to leave the mountainhome as fast as possible.

Since then, Stefen has been going around the world destroying enemies of the faith and all sorts of demons, all in the name of Gorum. His travels have now taken him to the horse’s arse where he hears a troupe of adventurers are recruiting.


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