Big, Fast, and UGLY


Ragnok is very big, very fast and VERY Ugly. His mother was a peasant and his father was an Orc raider that raped his mother. His father was a large orc, and was missing his left ear, and had a gruesome scar running from his missing ear down to his chin. Ragnok’s mother attempted to raise him, that is until he was 6 and nearly killed his older brother over who got the extra biscuit at dinner. His mother had had enough and kicked him out of her house. In response of where he should go, his mother simply said “Go find your father for all I care, just get out of my house!”

This lead to a number of years of wandering for Ragnok, living on the fringes of society, often spending months in the wilderness, looking for a place to call home. One day shortly after his 12th birthday, Ragnok spotted a group of Orc’s and against all likelihood, his father seemed to be their leader. Ragnok followed them for a few days, waiting for his chance. One night after raiding a small village, the Orc’s celebrated and got rip roaring drunk. When his father wandered off to take a piss, Ragnok went after him.

Ragnok stepped in front of his father, and swung with all of his might. It was a lucky shot and took off part of his nose. This got his attention, and he reached for his own axe. Ragnok had been waiting his whole life for this moment and wasn’t about to lose. The fight lasted several minutes, but eventually Ragnok prevailed. He stripped his father of his Chain Shirt and his Great Axe, and fled.

With his only quest complete, Ragnok spend the next few years working as a guide for adventurers until he built up enough strength and experience to go on adventures himself.


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