Lem Underhill


From the village of Barrow, Lem had a normal enough childhood, living in a burrow with his folks. His father (lem never mentions his parents by name) worked as a “funeral director”, basically patching up the poor sod before handing the body over to the priest (the priest refused to do such a thing himself, squeamish and all that). As such, Lem saw many the remains of unlucky adventurers, who died in many a disturbing way. While probably slightly traumatized by this, Lem got to understand what makes us “tick”.

Lem worked with his father for quite a few years. But when he was 15, the priest, Antonius Culus, decided to cut his father’s pay (he always refused to give Lem a decent bit of coin). The family weren’t that well off anyway and were now truly destitute. Lem tried to scrounge up some money by other means, resorting to pick pocketing and offering backstreet doctoring. Both of which failed miserably, he lacked the sleight of hand, the experience needed. And the less said about the doctoring the better. After getting in trouble with the town guard one to many times, the family decided to send him away, calling him all manner of things! Lem, shocked that his folks would ever do this, decided to embrace this new life and abandoned his previous surname, taking up “Underhill” and left Barrow.

Stopping off at the Horses’ Arse, (and finally pick pocketing his first victim, from a guy completely passed) he heard folks talk about Ruck Town, “a wretched hive of scum and villainy!” which sounded like his cup of tea, now being a master pickpocket and all. There were a few adventurers but bugger all if he would do that! He’d seen what happened to most adventurers and besides there were easier ways to make a bit of coin

After a couple of weeks living rough, Lem finally made it to Ruck Town..and after the worst day he could possibly have left again, completely penniless. He would have died if not for his…small stature, managing to hide himself in the crowd.

Back to square one, Lem expected to die in the wilderness, until he happened upon a camp of foolhardy adventurers! Foolishly failing asleep without a guard! When they awoke they found there supplies gone and what little coin they had too. With this and a convenient map, Lem headed for the capital. Maybe more fools like this adventurers were just waiting for there coin to be liberated.

Sure enough Lem found capital life pretty easy going. Coins purses fat and easy to pilfer. Going about the markets was a dream, and while caught a few time. He was always able to slip into crowd without trouble, thus perfecting his technique. To the point were merchants even offered him “opportunities” for a share of the coin of course.

Life was easy and profitable for a number of years, Lem managed to get room and board, a horse (and best friend) Barry. and a steady career in looting people. After a number of years though he became notorious in the market. He also grew careless, spent too much, stuck to the same turf. As such, an operation by the town guard almost succeeded in getting him a morning appointment with the gallows, if not for Barry and riding the hell out of there!

With barely any cash, Lem decides to head back to the Horses arse, maybe he’ll be inspired to take up a new path there? As long as there’s profit to be made of course!

Lem Underhill

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