Golric Thornhammer



Golric here, Need a ‘hic’ cleric? I’m your man, as long as your not squeeamish about me drinkin habits. Been at this gig for a bit now, can patch ya up or smash some skulls, of course I do it all the better after a few good brew. ‘Belch’ speaking of what’s on tap?


Golric comes from a long lineage of drunks, er I mean dwarves. His family is known very well as the brewmasters of Hammer Hill. Each generation growing to expand the family buisness and seek out new brews to astound the Dwarven kingdom.

Golric is seen as the black sheep of the family, as instead of drinking and brewing he wanted to drink, and drink, and then drink some more. When he learned the Clerics of Torag had one of the most famous wine cellars of the kingdom, he was quick to join. He never expected he would have to do much more then sit around and drink all day.

Boy was he wrong, sermons, taking interest in other dwarves’s issues. Forget that noise, adventuring, now that’s a profession. Get drunk smash things and patch your self up. Pays better as well, and the best part. all adventures meet in TAVERNS!

Golric Thornhammer

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