Elmire Darkleaf



What do you want? Can’t you see I’m busy?

Adventurers you say? Don’t make me laugh… But I suppose I could stop my research for a minute to listen to what you have to say. At the very least should you provide useless i can simply loot your corpse and sell the remains to fund more of my projects.

Well If we are to state the obvious, I am a wizard, I specialise in knowing what others do not and using that knowledge against them. For instance, you had the soup am I correct? You know the protein in that is really boiled Muskrat? Watched the Cook prepare it my self. That is why I chose the salad…


Elmire is a pain to be around, but he often knows useful stuff as wizards might. No matter how hard you may try to get the drop on him, he is never surprised.

He is known for caring little about the well being of his party, but instead focuses primarily on disrupting potential hostiles in the quickest possible fashion.

Elmire spends most of his free time in the tavern, his table stands aside from the rest with a simple black stone with the words “reserved” etched into it with glowing magic. Often he is seen with a pile of books and scrolls as well as a simple ink quill and vial.

Elmire Darkleaf

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