Bean Fine'feather



You there! what are you up to?

I sense evil a foot, a feet? there is evil about anyway and I am the one to stop it! My Name is Bean Fine’feather, holy warrior of Chaldira…

What do you mean who? Chaldira! The god and patron of halflings! Perhaps you heard of her friend Desna? Yes, yes everyone has heard of Desna… Chaldira never gets mentioned in lore.
Where were we? Oh yes! EVIL. Take me with you and we shall rout it together. I will be your front line facing Evil with my mighty sword and shield, protecting you from the spells and blows of villains.


Good ol’ Bean. Despite standing under 3ft the halfling managed to get him self clad in armour, wielding a massive shield and what appears to be a dagger?

“Its a SWORD!”

Bean is probably the most experienced of the lot, having died at least a dozen times on adventures against evil he has little fear of death. As such he is probably a good option to throw at something that you plan on running away from.

Of his past little is really known, one day he just showed up in the tavern claiming to be a Paladin of Chaldira, and while he acts the part, no one is quite sure if he is telling the truth or if this is a very obvious lie by a mischievous halfling.

Bean Fine'feather

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