Dungeon Crawl!

Second-rate Spleunkers

Session 2

Rant between Bean and Tarra

“What is that? A cave filled with monsters and treasure? Sounds great! lets go there smite the evil and get rich!”

“You know that place is filled with the treasure of dead adventurers right?”

“Yea… but we are not like those chumps… we have Chaldira on our side!”

A few hours later….

“yea so you were saying?”

“Well at least only one of us died…”

MVP Results!
Carl: 3
Tyler: 0
Eirc: 5
Kurt: 0
Rag: 0

MEP Results!
Carl: 4
Tyler: 1
Eirc: 0
Kurt: 0
Rag: 0

Party is now Level 3, (advance wealth up to that of a 3rd level character/)


Taloswind Taloswind

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